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For hundreds of years, many have decided to travel to Sri Lanka. In fact, Marco Polo - the famous Italian merchant traveler - described it as the “finest island of its size”. Situated at the southern tip of India, in the Bay of Bengal, this country brims with exciting sights, sounds and smells.

This isle has been inhabited for thousands of years and offers up a rich cultural experience, coupled with unrivalled natural splendor. All Sri Lanka vacations are bound to provide you with an abundance of unforgettable memories. You can look forward to:

Sport and fascinating attractions - Like most countries in the Indian sub-continent, the English sport of cricket is the most popular in Sri Lanka. Attending a local match in the capital, Colombo, is one of the sporting world’s special experiences, when you consider the electric atmosphere and lively crowd. North of the capital city is the town of Anuradhapura, home to the Ruwanwelisaya. This structure or ‘stupa’ was constructed in 140B.C. and is considered to be a sacred site by Buddhists. No visit would be complete without a visit to the southernmost city of Galle, with its immaculately preserved colonial townscape. 

Natural wonders - Sri Lanka tour packages can be structured to include safaris. A visit to the Yala National Park places you in the area with the highest concentration of leopards in the world. Many other species roam the wild expanses that are made up of mangroves, mountains and forests. Pleasant weather is a feature throughout the year, with warm water lapping the pristine beaches.

Festivals - Colorful celebrations occur on a regular basis due to a large number of religious festivals that should not be missed. Two of the biggest are:

Vesak – the holiest day of the year for Buddhists, occurring in the month of May.
Sri Pada – between November and May pilgrims ascend Adam’s Peak to pay homage to Lord Buddha’s footprint on the mountain.

Cuisine - Curry and rice is the most popular dish in the country, along with Kottu – a type of stir fry - and a wide variety of seafood spicy dishes to match. The country has been renowned as a spice haven for centuries and as such you can expect a number of flavorful culinary experiences. 

If you’re after a memorable experience in a special country, why not travel to Sri Lanka and experience the richness of this land for yourself. 

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Flying time:  New York to Dubai – approximately 14 hours; Los Angeles to Dubai – approximately 16 hours; Dubai to Sri Lanka – approximately 4 hours
Time Zone:  New York +9.5 hours; Los Angeles +12.5 hours
Weather:  The weather is tropical with two distinct dry and wet seasons.

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