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Discover the Seychelles

If you’re interested in Seychelles vacations, you can be assured that a world of splendor awaits you. This part of the world refers to numerous islands found north-east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It is a picturesque destination and quite possibly one of the best choices you can make if a diverse, activity-filled island getaway is what you’re after. 

The Seychelles boast otherworldly beauty, with unspoiled beaches that gently meet with peaceful, turquoise-tinted waters. This, along with its lush vegetation and palm trees, will allow you to constantly lay your sights on a place that’s unparalleled in beauty.

Some of the highlights to look forward to include:

Water sports – From snorkeling and diving to a ride in a glass-bottomed boat, these islands never have a shortage of things to do and marvel at. Hire a boat for a day or indulge your adventurous spirit by riding a jet ski - either way you are bound to have an outstanding experience unlike any other. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some turtles that have graced the island waters for centuries.

Gorgeous golf courses – Avid golfers will be happy to hear that they can indulge in their favorite sport on well-designed greens that are set against a pristine backdrop. Take advantage of Seychelles Golf Club on the island of Mahe or Lemuria Resort Golf Course on the island of Praslin.

Discovering hidden territories with hiking – Few activities allow you to get in touch with untapped parts of nature as much as hiking does. Hikes in the Seychelles can get you up close to everything from gracious mountain slopes and sea views, to marshes of palm trees and waterfalls. Take the whole family or your better half along and get ready to make some astonishing memories together.

Exploring different islands – Once you’re making use of your Seychelles vacation package, you will no doubt want to see all you can from the collective islands. Each has its own unique character and landscape that will make your vacation all the more extraordinary. Island hopping can be done by using either sea or air transport – both of which will be an adventure in itself.   

The islands are surrounded by water that is just clear as the azure sky above it, and they effortlessly paint the type of picture most have only seen in their dreams. The only problem you’ll have in this part of the world will be the thought of leaving it! So book one of the Seychelles vacations available and get ready for an unforgettable trip.

At a glance

Flying time:  New York to Dubai – approximately 14 hours; Los Angeles to Dubai – approximately 16 hours; Dubai to Seychelles – approximately 4.5 hours
Time Zone:  New York +8 hours; Los Angeles +11 hours
Weather:  The seasons in the Seychelles are defined by the trade winds and the temperature stays fairly consistent in the mid-80’s.


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