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There are many reasons to travel to Mauritius. Not only is it an exquisite destination, it’s also an affordable option for those wanting an exotic island getaway. Whether you’re looking for some secluded romance or a fun-filled family adventure, this unique destination is fully equipped to provide you with the ideal vacation.

Some of the many attractions of this balmy seaside paradise include:

Spectacular beaches – Just about every resort in Mauritius is situated on immaculate sandy shores. If you love to lounge in the sun you’re sure to find the right spot in which to relax with a good book, and a fruity umbrella drink. 

Exciting kids’ clubs – For families on vacation, this is an indispensable consideration. The numerous outdoor activities are engaging and well-supervised, allowing your children to experience the wonders of this island nation in safety. 

Pristine golf courses – Can you imagine anything more tranquil and satisfying than teeing off on a pristine green in the middle of a tropical paradise? When you take a Mauritius vacation, this is just one of the ways that you can unwind at your leisure.

Impressive eateries – Regardless of your tastes, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eating in Mauritius. Fresh fruits and vegetables grace just about every buffet and barbeques under the endless summer skies are filled with delectable slow-roasting smells. If you prefer fine dining, you’ll be impressed with the selection of 5-star restaurants on this magnificent island.

Exhilarating water sports – With so much calm, warm water around it’s hard not to take the opportunity to go diving, dolphin and whale watching, parasailing, skiing, kayaking, wakeboarding or tubing. There are many other things to do on land too, such as hiking, zip lining or even going on safari.

Unique cultural excursions – As a true melting-pot of cultures, Mauritius is populated by people of all descents, including Creole, Chinese, European and East Indian. This makes for fascinating tours and forays into museums, galleries and bustling market places.

Luxurious accommodation – There’s nothing quite like a Mauritius honeymoon to set the scene for your happily ever after. With an impressive array of vibrant resorts and lavish hotels, you’ll find the right place to stay – without breaking the bank.

Travel to Mauritius! All things considered, this is the ultimate island for an exotic vacation.

At a glance

Flying time:  New York to Dubai – approximately 14 hours; Los Angeles to Dubai – approximately 16 hours; Dubai to Mauritius – approximately 6.5 hours
Time Zone:  New York +8 hours; Los Angeles +11 hours
Weather: Mauritius has a tropical climate with year-round heat but it never feels too muggy due to the trade winds.

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