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To travel to Italy is to live the real life experience of delving into a dusty novel - full of the rustic splendors of Rome, the quaint buildings that line the streets of Venice and the bustling noise of Florence. Coupled with the warmth and friendliness of Italians and excellent service in all avenues, Italy is the ideal get-away haven. 

Take a look at some of its best attractions:

Historic architecture - From the russet streets of Pompei and the leaning tower of Pisa, to Florence’s Gothic cathedral – Santa Maria del Fiore – you will never run out of places to see. Take a slow boat ride down the candle-lit canals of Venice, and stand in awe at the sheer magnitude of the Colosseum. Its sheer beauty and architectural integrity shows detailed insight into lives past, frozen in time. 

Art and music - Italy may as well be synonymous with art. Events such as the Venice Biennale offer world renowned theatre and ballet performances. Operatic seasons and music festivals offered by Milan’s La Scala and the Verona Arena is a treat to any lover of music and culture.

Food - Italians pride themselves on their excellence in fine cuisine. No Italian experience is complete without the explosion of flavors, aromas and tastes that make this country famous. Choose from a variety of farm stays, learn about Italian wine and drop in to any authentic Italian restaurant to experience a culinary experience that will make your heart melt.

Landscapes - Its 4,660 miles of coastline makes it an ideal place for water lovers. Its pastoral lakes, hiking trails and its myriad of nature parks provides a diversified environment that is ideal for a vacation in the midst of nature.

Whether you’re looking for a family get-away, a solitary trek into the mystic routes of Tuscany or an unforgettable honeymoon – a tour of Italy approaches a splendor that surpasses all fantasies.

At a glance

Flying Time: New York to Milan - approximately 8 hours; 
Time Zone: New York +6 hours; Los Angeles +9 hours
Weather: Depending on when you travel and the area you visit, Italy’s weather varies from region to region

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